Delta Company 3 RAR

Balmoral 67-68
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Delta Company 3 RAR - ROLL CALL

67 - 68 Maj P. R. Phillips MC
WO2 N. R. Eiby
Pte D. Amos
Pte J. G. Beatie
L/Cpl B. V. Benson
Pte T. W. Boardman
Pte F. Bowen
Pte D. S. Broome
Pte L. N. Brown DOW
Pte J. E. Bryant
Cpl K. J. Burgess
Pte J. L. Butler
Pte M. Cace
Pte J. D. Cameron
Pte J. A. Campbell KIA
Pte D. N. Carroll
Sgt R. T. Carroll DOW
Pte J. V. Carson WIA
Pte R. J. Caston DOW
Cpl D. Caskey
Cpl M. R. Chalk WIA(2)
Pte D. K. Church
Pte G. Clark
Cpl M. L. Clark
Pte P. Clark
Pte B. J. Cleaver
Cpl N. E. Cooper WIA
Pte W. L. Courtney
Pte R. J. Cousins
Pte G. D. Cox
Pte J. A. Creswell
Pte T. M. Curley
Pte V. B. Curran
Abbreviations DOW.. Died of Wound DOI…Died of Illness KIA…Killed in Action WIA…Wounded in Action
Pte K. G. Dann WIA
Pte S. G. Da Ros
Pte B. L. Davis
Pte D. C. Day
Pt T. J. Deally
Pte B. M. Defreitas WIA
Cpl E. L. Desfontaines WIA
Pte J. W. Desnoy KIA
Pte M. Deveson
Pte G. D. Dick WIA
Pte R. Dikes
Pte K. Donnelly
Pte P. Donnelly
Pte A. R. Doyle
Pte H. P. Drazek
Pte A. R. Dunn
Pte R. E. Dunstan
Pte H. N. Duren
Pte R. K. Duthie WIA
Pte K. M. Dwyer
Ssgt R. C. Edwards
WO2 N. R. Eiby
Pte L. Espie
Pte R. W. Evans
Pte S. R. Everett
Pte R. G. Faithfull
Pte K. L. Foreman
2Lt R. T. Fowler
L/Cpl R. J. French
Pte J. Z. Fudali
Pte G. E. Fuller
Pte M. R. Galloway
Pte D. George WIA
Pte C. D. Gould
Cpl K.C Green
Pte T. R. Grimsley
Pte B. W. Groves
Pte W. J. Guest
Pte P. L. Guy
Capt L. N. Hall
Pte A. Harris
Pte L. V. Haskett
Pte G. J. Hatcher
Cpl R. J. Hawkins
Pte J. B. Henley
Pte T. Henson
Cpl R. J. Hicks
Pte D. C. Hodder (WIA)
Pte G. Holman
Pte J. J. Hook
Pte T. J. Hudspith
Pte J. M. Hurst
Pte G. T. Jobson
Lt M. R. John MC
Pte M. R. John
Pte G. A. Johns
Pte B. B. Jones
Pte J. A. Jones
Pte V. Lamanna
Lt J. W. Langler
Pte G. J. Lansdown
Cpl E. Lensing
Sgt P. E. Lewis KIA
Capt J. W. Litchfield
Pte T. H. Longmire
Cpl D. J. Mancer MM
Pte G. L. Marchesi
Pte J. W. Marshall
Pte G. McCarthy
Pte R. McDonald WIA
Pte B. J. McGovern
Pte I. T. Mcintyre
Pte R. E. McMillan
Pte D. A. Miller
Pte D. J. Miller
WO2 D. K. Miller WIA
L/Cpl D. L. Mitchell
Pte D. J. Morgan
L/Cpl P. R. Munro
Sgt J. G. Murphy
L/Cpl K. J. Myers
Pte G. T. Needham
L/Cpl L. G. Newton
Pte N. P. Nichols
Pte N. W. Nicholson
Sgt C. D. Nilon
Pte J O'Brien
Pte M. G. O'Bryne
Pte R. J. O'Connor
Pte D. J. O'Leary WIA
2Lt R. P. O'Leary WIA
Pte T. G. Ovens
L/Cpl B. W. Page
Pte J. Pazzan WIA
2Lt N. B. Peatling
Pte C. R. Penver
Cpl D. H. Perkins WIA
Maj P. R. Phillips MC
Pte F. T. Piotrowski
Pte G. H. Poole WIA
SGT R.M.B Powell
Pte H. D. Pryde WIA
Lcp W. J. Reid WIA
Pte C. A. Reynolds
Pte D. F. Robbins
Pte I. Robertshaw
Pte W. Robinson
Pte W. E. Ross
Pte A. R. Rosser
Pte P. J. Rust WIA
Pte G. Salerno
Pte R. J. Saunders
Pte K. B. Scales
Pte I. L. Shipp
Pte S. S. Sinclair
Pte R. N. Slade
Pte B. J. Sleeman
L/Cpl D. J. Smith
Pte J. F. Starmans
Pte M. J. Stiles
Pte R. N. Stoeckel
Pte K. R. Stubbs
Sgt R. D. Sutton
Pte G. F. Tapping
Cpl B. Temby WIA
Pte R. T. Tremble
Cpl D. R. Turnbull
Pte P. B. Turnbull
Pte P. F. Vallejo
Pte R. J. Walker
Pte D. W. Wallace
Pte R. Williamson
Pte T. W. Wilson
Pte T. Wilson-Smith
Pte K. C. Windebank
Pte M. J. Wood
Pte L. J. Workman
Cpl W. K. Yarde
Pte W. York
Pte F. A. Ziccone
DC Quentin
Retired Major General Peter Phillips Comments on the Battle of Balmoral.
IT was one of the most ferocious yet least known campaigns of the Vietnam War. In 26 days of torrid fighting during major enemy assaults on their fire support bases, 25 young Australian soldiers from the 1st and 3rd Battalions were killed and almost 100 wounded. More than 270 enemy were killed and dozens wounded and 11 prisoners taken. This month marks the 45th anniversary ( at time of writing) of the battles of Coral-Balmoral with veterans still wondering why the fighting has not been given the historical recognition it deserves. The two bases, north of Bien Hoa, were established to disrupt enemy troops withdrawing from Saigon during the so-called “Mini-Tet” offensive under an operation codenamed Toan Thang.  Australian troops supported by Centurion tanks repelled numerous frontal enemy assaults by well-trained North Vietnamese Army regular troops and Vietcong guerrillas. Retired Major General Peter Phillips,(centre) then Major Phillips, D Company Commander, in Vietnam in 1968. Picture: Ray Strange The first attack occurred at Coral on May 12 and Balmoral was hit at 2.30am on May 26. Retired Major General Peter Phillips was an infantry Major and the commanding officer of Delta Company 3 RAR at Coral-Balmoral. The former national president of the RSL this week recalled the largest actions fought by diggers over the longest period of time for the entire war. He conceded that Coral-Balmoral had been overshadowed by Long Tan where 18 Australians died in August 1966 when they defeated a vastly larger force and he said he had “no beef at all about that.” But General Phillips, who was awarded the Military Cross in August 1968, said he had always wondered why the battles had not been given the recognition they deserved in the official and unofficial histories of the war. “Balmoral was the high point for ‘D’ Company,” he said. “We had been there for six months and we were at our peak at that time.” The Company took the brunt of the initial assaults on Balmoral and while he would have liked his men to have been better dug in, Phillips said his machine gunners and diggers did a marvellous job in keeping the enemy off the wire. “I am not aware of any breeches and we were very lucky to have the tanks and their devastating fire power,” he said. Australian and Kiwi arterially units also did a great job supporting the troops and providing superior fire power. General Phillips said he was saddened by the age of many of the enemy troops who were mere boys. He said he also found it hard to justify the war despite the fact that it was professionally very satisfying. “I still regret the loss of seven of my men during the year that we were there. They were all good, down to earth Aussies.” Operation Toan Thang marked a watershed for the Australian Task Force with commanders forced to review tactics following the close calls during several key battles. Intelligence would play a greater role in determining patrol strength and quick reaction forces and rapid indirect fire support were stood up to back-up sub-units in the field. The combined arms team approach still applies today. Coral-Balmoral also proved once and for all the value of heavy armour as the tanks were credited with winning the day on several occasions. That led to the Army resisting all attempts to this day to remove tanks from the order of battle. General Phillips, who also served in the Malayan Emergency, served in the Army for another 20 years after his “life changing” experience in Vietnam. He is now retired and lives in Canberra where he enjoys the company of his five grandchildren.   2820789_orig
“Delta” Company 3RAR in South Vietnam

“Lest We Forget” 3438062_orig58670

Dec 67
  •    12th    3RAR Advance Party flew from Adelaide to Saigon.
  •    16th    3RAR Main Body departed Outer Harbour Port Adelaide on HMAS Sydney.
  •    27th    3RAR Rear Party departed Adelaide by air.
  •    27th    3RAR Main Body disembarked at Vung Tau and moved to Nui Dat
  •    28th    3RAR Rear Party arrived at Vung Tau and moved to Nui Dat.
Jan 68
  • 06th      3RAR Op Balaklava
  • 09-11th 3RAR Op Bordertown.
  • 29th       C Coy, 3RAR moved to FSPB Harrison, Bien Hoa Province (Op Coburg) .
  • 31st        Enemy Lunar New Year (Tet) Offensive commenced with widespread attacks on major cities and installations in South Vietnam.
Feb 68
  • 1st Task Force Base mortared. Viet Cong battalion (D445) in occupation of Phuoc Le (Baria) .
  • l-2nd A Coy, 3RAR in action at Baria with 3 Troop A Squadron 3 Cavalry Regiment.
  • 3-6th D Coy, 3RAR in action in Long Dien with 2/52 ARVN Rangers.
  • 5th B Coy, 3RAR in contact in Hoa Long.
  • 7-9th B Coy, 3RAR in action in Baria and Long Dien.
  • 10th 3RAR relieved 7RAR in Bien Hoa province (Op Coburg)
  • 18th Mortar and ground attack on FSPB Andersen.
  • 28th Mortar attack on FSPB Andersen.
Mar 68
  • 1st 3RAR returned to Nui Dat from Op Coburg.
  • 3 rd Commemorative service for 3RAR and supporting arms members killed in action in Long Dien and during Op Coburg.
  • 8th 3RAR, less D Coy, commenced Op Pinnaroo.
  • 17th D Coy, 3RAR joined Op Pinnaroo.
Apr 68
  • 9th            Main Body 1RAR arrived in South Vietnam. Main Body 7RAR departed for Australia.
  • 12th           D Coy, 3RAR returned from Op Pinnaroo.
  • 15th           Op Pinnaroo completed.
  • 21st           3RAR commenced Op Toan Thang (Phase 1)
May 68
  •  3rd            3RAR returned to base from Op Toan Thang (Phase 1)
  •  10th          3RAR continued Op Toan Thang (Phase 1) relieving 2RAR at FSPB Andersen
  • 13th           3RAR occupied blocking position 20 miles north-north- east of Saigon. Mortar and ground attack on FSPB Coral.
  • 16th           Enemy regimental mortar and ground attacks on FSPB Coral.
  • 24th           3RAR moved to FSPB Balmoral.
  • 26th            Mortar attack on FSPB Coral. Mortar and battalion ground attacks on FSPB Balmoral.
  • 28th            Regimental mortar and ground attacks on FSPB Balmoral by 165 Regiment 7th North Vietnamese Army Division.
Jun 68
  • 1st               Main Body 4RAR arrived in Vung Tau on HMAS Sydney. Main Body 2RAR departed for Australia.
  • 5th              3RAR returned to base from Op Toan Thang (Phase 1). 14 D Coy, 3RAR cordon and search in Long Dien.
  • 25-30           B Coy, 3RAR participated in Op Ulladulla with C Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment.
Jul 68
  • 3rd              3RAR relieved 1RAR in AO Birdsville Op Toan Thang (Phase 2).
  • 18th            3RAR redeployed into AO Yass to commence Op Merino. 24 3RAR returned to base from Op Merino. 29 C Coy, 3RAR cordon and search north-east Hoa Long.
Aug 68
  • 2-13th        3RAR Op Platypus. 22 Outskirts of Saigon rocketed. 1RAR and tanks in contact with Viet Cong occupying Long Dien.
  •  23rd           3RAR Op Magnetic, Long Son Island.
  • 28th            3RAR Op Diamantina (until 5 Sep)
Sep 68
  • 6th             B and D Companies relieved 1RAR companies in defensive tasks in the vicinity of Baria and Long Dien (Op Nowra).
  • 10th           A Coy, 3RAR relieved C Coy 1RAR on land-clearing Ops in AO Warburton.
  •  15th          B Coy, 3RAR returned from Baria Stadium defence task.
  • 19-25th     C Coy, 3RAR Route 2 security Op Ngai Giao area.
  • 24th           D Coy, 3RAR returned from Long Dien.
  • 28th           3RAR tactical HQ, B and D Companies inserted into FSPB Cedar to commence Op Windsor.
  • 29th           C Coy, 3RAR flown in to join Op Windsor.
Oct 68
  • 2nd           A Coy, 3RAR returned from land-clearing Ops AO Warburton.
  • 6th            A Coy, 3RAR flown in to join Op Windsor.
  • 12th          Op Windsor concluded, 3RAR redeployed into AO Garran to commence Op Capital.
  • 21st           A, B and D Companies returned from Op Capital.
  • 22nd         3RAR HQ and C Coy returned from Op Capital. 161 Fd Bty redeployed to FSPB Wilton.
  • 25th          C Coy, 3RAR commenced Op Harvest.
  • 27th          3RAR HQ group and D Coy joined Op Harvest.
  • 29th          3RAR Advance Recce Party returned by air to Australia. 30 A Coy, 3RAR deployed into AO Rapier on Op Diamond Pin.
Nov 68
  • 2nd             3RAR HQ, C and D Companies returned from Op Harvest. A Coy, 3RAR returned from Op Diamond Pin.
  • 5th              9RAR Advance Party (150) arrived at Nui Dat. 3RAR Advance Party (146) returned to Australia by air.
  • 19th            9RAR Rear Party (40) arrived at Nui Dat. 3RAR Rear Party (40) returned to Australia by air.
  • 20th            9RAR Main body arrived at Nui Dat ex HMAS Sydney. 3RAR Main Body (417) departed on HMAS Sydney for Australia.
  • Setting up CHQ ….Nov 1968


Dec 68
  • 02nd   3RAR Main Body disembarked Outer Harbour Port Adelaide, South Australia